“Pacific Heat” Is An Australian “Archer”?

Long-running Australian comedian group Working Dog (“The Castle,” “The Dish”) try their hand at animation with the 13-episode original series “Pacific Heat” which Netflix is set to debut in global territories on December 2nd following a local release on Foxtel’s Comedy Channel on November 27th.

The story centres on an undercover special unit on the sun-drenched Gold Coast who’ve been assigned to handle everything from petty crime to global drug cartels. Santo Cilauro, Rob Sitch, Tom Gleisner, Rebecca Massey and Lucia Mastrantone lend their voices to the project which scored its first trailer today.

The series as a whole looks like a more primitive version of FX’s acclaimed “Archer”. The designs, humor and characters seem more one-note but obviously influenced by Adam Reed’s incomparable comedy – despite the producers claiming otherwise. Will it work? We’ll find out soon.