News Bits: Avengers, Universal, Motel, Burn, Gun

Avengers: Infinity War
Alan Silvestri (“Forrest Gump,” “Flight,” “Cast Away”) is returning to the fold with the award-winning composer reportedly confirmed to be doing the scores for both parts of the “Avengers: Infinity War” saga at Marvel Studios.

Silvestri joined the MCU with the score for “Captain America: The First Avenger” and followed that up a year later with “The Avengers,” but hasn’t been involved since. [Source: CBM]

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures has put aside three release date slots in the near future for what it’s dubbing major event films. Sadly it is not announcing the titles for the projects, but it has locked in three dates: August 10th 2018, January 18th 2019 and April 10th 2020.

It’s known this list does not include the various Universal monster franchise films in the works which already have dates, or the “Jurassic World” sequel which is set for June 22nd 2018. [Source: Collider]

The Voyeur’s Motel
Krysty Wilson-Cairns (“Penny Dreadful,” “The Good Nurse”) is set to pen the Sam Mendes-directed film adaptation of Gay Talese’s upcoming book “The Voyeur’s Motel” for DreamWorks Pictures.

The story follows a Colorado man and lifelong voyeur who opened a hotel primarily so he could watch guests having sex through ceiling vents. He did more, however, than observe. He became complicit in a murder when he flushed the drugs of a dealer down the toilet and that dealer blamed his girlfriend and strangled her. [Source: Deadline]

Burn Run
Thunder Road Pictures has picked up former Army sergeant and intelligence analyst Mitchell LaFortune’s script “Burn Run” which is set in the western region of Afghanistan in 2013 during the Edward Snowden leaks.

The story deals with an intelligence leak dangerously exposing a covert mission in Afghanistan. A grieving CIA operative and his translator must find their way out of the desert, outgunned and hunted by elite special forces. Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee will produce. [Source: Deadline]

The Gun Show
Paramount Pictures has acquired Lucas Carter’s action comedy spec script “The Gun Show”. The story focuses on a famous top cop who wakes up twenty years after a shootout and gets reinstated to solve the case that killed his old partner.

To teach him the ropes of this new time, he’s paired with his old partner’s son, who is a risk averse traffic cop. The studio hasn’t yet assigned a producer. [Source: Deadline]