Michael B. Jordan Joins A Mecha Series

“Black Panther” and “Creed” star Michael B. Jordan is set to join “RWBY” creators Rooster Teeth’s new series “gen:Lock”. The actor will voice the hero of the futuristic anime-style series.

The story sees Earth’s last free society on the losing side of a global war. Jordan’s Julian Chase joins the fight as the first pilot for the next generation of mecha: a class of giant, weaponized robots controlled by humans.

Jordan’s production company, Outlier Society Productions, is set to co-produce. The series is created, written and directed by Gray G. Haddock. No premiere date has yet been set.

Jordan was just seen in HBO’s “Fahrenheit 451” telemovie adaptation and has “Creed II” opening later this year.

Source: Variety