Harmony Korine To Helm Controversial “Tampa”

Following his most talked about film yet with “Spring Breakers” and that Rihanna ‘Needed Me’ video, filmmaker Harmony Korine is getting back behind the camera for at least two new features.

During a Q&A at the Miami Beach Cinematheque last night, Korine revealed he’s working on an adaptation of Alissa Nutting‘s controversial and acclaimed 2013 novel “Tampa”. The story explicitly details a twenty six-year-old middle school teacher’s unrepentant journey in seducing a modest fourteen-year-old student named Jack.

Korine also suggests the project might be headed to HBO rather than a theatrical release. His immediate next project is aiming to shoot in south Florida sometime soon and he’s described it as “a cross between a Cheech and Chong movie and…’Scarecrow.'”.

After that will likely come “Tampa” or “The Trap,” the latter was to shoot earlier this year but has since been delayed. No word if any of its cast like Idris Elba, Benicio Del Toro, Robert Pattinson, Al Pacino, and James Franco are still attached.

Source: The Playlist