“Furious” Feuds Resurge Following “Hobbs”

Furious Feuds Resurge Following Hobbs

The “Fast and the Furious” franchise is notable for some more F’s that aren’t part of the title – family, frustration and feuds.

The films have used the word ‘family’ frequently throughout their run, so much so that it has been joked writer Chris Morgan is getting paid a bonus for every time it is used. Certainly those involved, Vin Diesel in particular, have pushed the image that those who work on the film series are one big ‘family’.

It’s a nice image, but cracks in the manicured facade began to show during the production of “The Fate of the Furious” as resentment began to boil over. Dwayne Johnson and Diesel’s animosity towards each other spilled out very publicly, a vocal and emotional Tyrese Gibson weighed in on things, and later Michelle Rodriguez openly slammed the mistreatment of female characters by the franchise.

This appeared to have lead to the splitting up of this series along two different forks – the main “Fast and Furious” films and the spin-off “Hobbs and Shaw” which is in cinemas this week. Two of the main series players who jumped over to the spin-off, Johnson and Morgan, have recently given interviews and their comments have raised the ire of two of their former family members – Rodriguez and Gibson.

Morgan, who penned the third through eighth main films, recently did an interview talking about the future “Fast and Furious” films and spoke about the ‘Justice for Han’ movement. In the interview, he claimed the fans will get an answer about that shortly.

Rodriguez shared that interview link on Twitter, but added a pointed statement with her share: “I’ve been around since the beginning way before Chris Morgan came along & he has absolutely nothing to do with where this narrative is or where it’s going FYI.”

That’s not the only feud reignited today. Upon the news that “Hobbs & Shaw” had a $180 million opening weekend internationally, Movieweb reports that Gibson posted a series of since deleted social media posts saying: “180 million dollar global opening on Hobbs and Shaw is not a win” and went into a rant against Johnson whom he seemingly blames for breaking up the ‘fast family’:

“I have to show my respects for one thing…. He tried…….. Folks called me a hater…. Attacked me for speaking out…..Breaking up the family clearly doesn’t have the value that one would assume it does. ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Has Lowest ‘Fast & Furious’ Box Office Opening Since ‘Tokyo Drift… You know what maybe just maybe… The Rock and the crew will come dance with us again for #Fast10 we can all hug it out and get back to giving the true fans who have supported this franchise for 20 years what they want……..No hating I’m just pointing out the facts… #FastFamily has more value as the #FastFamily its ok.”

The post was shared with an article pointing out “Hobbs & Shaw” had the lowest opening for the franchise in some time, even though spin-offs almost always open far worse than their progenitor films or series. Gibson and Rodriguez are currently in the middle of production on a Johnson and Morgan-free ninth film in the main series.