Fox Chief Throws Shade At Netflix’s Movies

Netflix’s long-term business strategy to disrupt established distribution models continues to impact an industry that is now having to adjust to a new paradigm. That doesn’t mean the old guard have to like it though.

20th Century Fox’s film division chief Stacey Snider spoke with The Los Angeles Times this week and says she for one has been unimpressed by the theatrical fare that Netflix has either acquired or greenlit to date:

“I couldn’t find, and I won’t say their names, the Netflix movies that we were supposed to be upset got made at Netflix. Point me to an article or campaign that gets me excited. There’s nothing about the experience of making them in a churn-like environment that appeals to filmmakers. This is not conjecture on my part – I speak to them… There’s nothing better about watching a film on Netflix or Amazon. There just isn’t.”

The comments come as both companies are reportedly in the midst of a lawsuit over executive poaching.

One person who is embracing the digital future is Paramount Pictures chief Jim Gianopulos who, speaking at an investor conference today, says the upcoming push for ‘Premium VOD’ is “inevitable” and the momentum is there to see that particular initiative realised “in a period of months not years.”

He adds to Variety: “At this point it’s now about what and when. It’s incumbent upon us to find the right business model and the right consensus on how to do it.”

All the talk comes in the wake of Hollywood’s worst performing summer season in eleven years, even as this year’s first quarter was the biggest in history.