Fan Bingbing Could Owe Over $100M In Fines

Fan Bingbing Could Owe Over 100m In Fines

Months after disappearing from the public spotlight, China’s most famous actress Fan Bingbing has re-emerged to confess to tax evasion.

According to China’s state news outlet Xinhua, Fan is facing fines totalling approximately $70 million U.S. dollars along with another bill for back taxes of $37 million. Other media outlets suggests the combined total figure is higher and around $128 million.

If Fan pays the sums in full she will escape criminal prosecution, however, since it is her first offense. Fan was the go-to face for luxury endorsements in the country but hasn’t been seen in public since July 1st. Today she broke her silence and issued a lengthy apology statement to her 62 million followers on Weibo.

Fan’s agent Mou Enguang was found to have destroyed accounting documents in an attempt to obstruct the authorities’ investigation and is said to have been taken into custody.

The Chinese State Administration of Taxation has discovered broad signs of what’s dubbed ‘yin-yang’ contracting and tax evasion in the Chinese entertainment industry and is working to clean up and regulate the film and television sectors.

Source: THR