Director Re-Affirms “Dark Tower” Is A Sequel

“The Dark Tower” director Nikolaj Arcel recently spoke with IGN and re-affirmed that the upcoming film is a sequel to the Stephen King book series as opposed to a direct adaptation:

“It is, in fact, a continuation. It is a canon continuation. That’s exactly what we intended and what Stephen King has signed off on.”

Arcel also says King is happy with the way that the movie turned out despite it being different from his original novel:

“At one point he said, ‘I have some notes for script.’ And he sent us a hard copy of the script, with hand-written notes. He was very polite and very respectful. It was always like, ‘Maybe Roland doesn’t talk so much here’… he was just like the groundskeeper of the characters.

After he saw the film for the first time, (King wrote to me), ‘This is not exactly my novel, but this is very much in the spirit and the tone. And I’m very happy.'”

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey lead the cast of the fantasy adventure thriller which opens worldwide on August 17th.