DC’s Geoff Johns Plans Another TV Series

There’s no shortage of series based on DC Comics properties on the air at the moment – “The Flash,” “Gotham,” “Arrow,” “Preacher,” “Supergirl,” “Lucifer” and several more are all popping up on the networks and – for the most part – doing well.

Two other shows are also in the works, “Black Lightning” and “Krypton,” and over the weekend DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns hit Twitter to inform the world that a new show announced soon.

Theories from fans have already ranged from “Booster Gold” to “Green Lantern,” and it’s unclear if this new show will be a part of The CW’s mini-DC universe or more a standalone series ala “Gotham”.

When exactly this announcement will be made is also unclear, but check out the tweet below. Most of those aforementioned shows return to the air this month or in February.