“Dark Phoenix” Global Trailer Is Back… Officially

Dark Phoenix Global Trailer Is Back Officially

A week ago, 20th Century Fox posted the full domestic trailer for their new and final major “X-Men” film “Dark Phoenix,” the second trailer from that project to have been released. The clip was met with a better reaction than the widely rejected teaser trailer, even so it still scored a fairly muted response online.

Then a few hours later something unexpected happened. An international trailer for the film popped up on Reddit and Vimeo, one very different to both launched trailers so far and according to much of the reaction to it – it was easily the best trailer for the film to date, even changing the opinions of some who hated the other clips.

Despite the buzz, Fox quickly began to yank the trailer from online sources as fast as they could to the point that for many they got there too late and they didn’t get a chance to see it.

Today the clip has returned, and this time it has been pushed out through Fox’s official international YouTube channels so hopefully it should stay online this time. Check out the clip below, the film opens everywhere in early June.