Apple Plans Theatrical Runs For Original Films

Apple Plans Theatrical Runs For Original Films

Apple is reportedly looking at releasing their original films in cinemas for several weeks before they hit the Apple TV+ streaming service according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal.

The paper indicates the tech giant has made “overtures” to cinema chains about their plans, though its not clear which exhibitors they’ve reached out to. The move would allow Apple films to be eligible for awards consideration so long as they run in qualifying theaters for at least seven consecutive days, with at least three showings daily.

Apple has mostly been focusing its original entertainment slate on TV series but has acquired some film projects including the A24 co-production “On the Rocks” from Sofia Coppola, and the documentary “The Elephant Queen”.

Former IMAX head of entertainment Greg Foster has reportedly been hired as a consultant for its theatrical-release strategy which sounds akin to the ‘event-izing’ approach Netflix has adopted with a limited theatrical release for a few weeks ahead of a global streaming launch in order to both maximise attention for the film and allow it to qualify for awards.

Amazon initially went the more traditional theatrical rollout approach, but after a series of flops they’ve now adopted Netflix’s strategy and are employing it for upcoming films such as “The Aeronauts” and “The Report”.

Apple TV+ launches November 1st worldwide priced at $4.99 monthly.