Why “The Witcher” Was Renewed Early

How The Witcher Was Renewed Early

Netflix has now released the first season of “The Witcher,” its Henry Cavill-led big-budget fantasy based on the famed novels and the even more famous video game series.

Even before it went to air though, the series was renewed for a second season a month out from launch. That’s not unheard of with certain big budget series due to the scheduling and extra time required to deliver such shows, but is rare when it comes to Netflix shows.

So why is this show one of those exceptions? The Wrap reports that according to their sources, it’s a leap of faith both in the literary property and the team adapting it. They weren’t sure the series would take off, but do know “enough story is there to work with and have confidence in their creative team’s direction”.

Indeed the first season of the show doesn’t even cover the entire story of the first book in the series so there’s plenty of story to come, and it’s a known IP and thus less of a risk.

The other big factor is timing. Production had to get underway on the second season ASAP due to talent and creative schedules, shooting location availability and the time required for post-production visual effects. Eight more episodes from the fantasy series are set to go into production in London in early 2020 for a planned debut in 2021.

Amazon Prime Video, rather than Netflix, has been the streamer big into giving season orders early in recent years. Critical raves for “The Expanse” and “The Boys” saw them give those shows new seasons ahead of the release of their 2019 runs. Disney+ also did so for “The Mandalorian” and Apple TV+ for both “For All Mankind” and “Servant”.