Valve Teases New “Half-Life” VR Game

Valve Teases New Half Life Vr Game

Valve Software is nothing if not a game-changer.

From the acclaimed first two “Half-Life” games which changed first-person shooters forever, to the celebrated “Portal,” “Team Fortress,” “Left 4 Dead” and “Counter-Strike” games – they’re titles to be noticed.

On top of which they created and run the dominant PC game distribution platform Steam and have been fairly judicious with investing and putting out titles.

Now, twelve years after the last ‘episode’ of “Half-Life 2,” Valve has finally announced a new title in the “Half-Life” series – but it’s not quite “Half-Life 3”.

Titled “Half-Life: Alyx,” the new title is coming to VR with Valve promising further details later this week – specifically at 10am US-PST this Thursday November 21st.

The game will mark Valve’s first entry into the VR space and sadly not much else is known at this time.