“Thrones” Duo Set Lovecraft Tale At Warners

Thrones Duo Set Lovecraft Tale At Warners

“Game of Thrones” series creators David Benioff & D.B. Weiss have set up an untitled thriller at Warner Bros. Pictures that will be inspired by the works of horror author H.P. Lovecraft and Keith Giffen’s 2004 graphic novel “Lovecraft” from Vertigo Comics.

They’ve also enlisted the “Destroyer” team of Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi to pen the script and that film’s celebrated director Karyn Kusama to executive produce.

Set in 1920 within the Cthulhu mythos, the movie turns on the question – what if author H.P. Lovecraft wasn’t making his famous stories up? What if the monsters he wrote about in famed stories like “At the Mountains of Madness,” “Shadow over Innsmouth” and “The Dunwich Horror” are real?

A similar premise was explored in John Carpenter’s 1995 film “In the Mouth of Madness” which has achieved a major cult following in recent years. Lovecraft himself has seen a resurgence of late with adaptations of his work with the video games “The Sinking City” and “Call of Cthulhu” and the Nic Cage-led film “Color Out of Space” being releases.

Benioff & Weiss have reportedly been eyeing this project for years so the discussion on this movie predated their recent major deal with Netflix which led them to exit the “Star Wars” franchise.

Source: Deadline