The “Cyborg” Solo Movie Still Happening?

While the recent shifts in management and strategy at Warner Bros. Pictures and their DC Films branch have raised questions as to the future of those comic book adaptations, one actor involved in the DCEU seems to think one of the solo films is progressing.

Joe Morton, who plays the father of Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone/Cyborg in “Justice League,” tells ET Online that as far as he’s aware the planned solo “Cyborg” movie is still on the way:

“From what I understand, there will be a Cyborg movie. It will be about him and I, and about the family that he came from, how he becomes the Cyborg, et cetera, But from whence he came, as well….I think it’s very exciting I think it’s exciting because there aren’t that many, if any, black superheroes, and in his case in particular, because there is no alias, because there is nothing for him to hide behind, and that he has to be who he is all the time. I think it’s a great kind of allegory for what it means to be black in this country.”

Fisher’s character is a college athlete who, after getting caught in a S.T.A.R. Labs explosion, is given powerful bionic abilities. He received a costume upgrade in ‘League’ which made him look more like his comic book counterpart.

At last report, the Cyborg film was set for a 2020 release.