“The Batman” Production Possibly Delayed

Reeves Batman Rumored To Be 1990s Set

Recently a rumor popped up that the new actor to take on the role of Bruce Wayne for the upcoming Matt Reeves-directed “The Batman” film would be announced this week.

Two Collider and Variety reporters have shot that report down, the pair saying they’ve yet to hear a single name in any serious contention for the film – and there’s a reason for that.

According to the latter source, Reeves is still polishing the script and there’s a possibility that production could start early next year rather than later this fall as originally planned.

Speculation about casting continues to be somewhat pointless as we’ve still few ideas about what kind of incarnation of the character they are going for, though best bet is an actor aged 25-33 years old.

Their sources claim the script supposedly harkens back to detective-driven film noirs like “Chinatown,” but Warners has reportedly asked Reeves to beef up the action in recent drafts.