Measles Outbreak At “Avengers” Screening

Endgame Extended Tv Spot Revisits History

Health officials in California’s Orange County have issued a warning to moviegoers who attended an April 25th screening of “Avengers: Endgame” at the AMC Dine-In Fullerton 20 cinema.

Said warning suggests those people might have been exposed to measles by a fellow audience member who was fresh from international travel and unaware of her infection (she’s now quarantined at home). The screening was said to happen between 11pm on April 25th and 4am on April 26th.

Those in attendance, especially those who haven’t previously had the measles or been vaccinated, are advised to monitor themselves for symptoms through May 16th as they are at a higher risk of exposure and should consult a health care provider about a Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination.

Measles has been surging in the U.S. and abroad, believed to be heavily due to the rise of the anti-vaxxer movement which has impacted herd immunity across the country. Nationally, the number of cases is the highest in two decades.

The talk comes as ‘Endgame’ continues going strong at the box-office while the film’s directors the Russo’s have indicated that they’re lifting the requested ‘spoiler ban’ after this weekend and so it will be okay to share spoilers.

Source: CNet