Tarantino Talks His Old “Halloween 6” Idea

Tarantino Talks His Old Halloween 6 Idea

While most horror sequels are bad because they’re generic and dull, the same can’t be said for “Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers”.

Though labelled the worst of the series by many, it’s a film that has more going for it than some other entries – including a baby faced Paul Rudd in the lead role – but famously suffered a notoriously troubled production including an entirely reshot and very different third act.

Consequence of Sound reports that in the recently released book “Taking Shape,” it has been revealed that filmmaker Quentin Tarantino nearly wrote the movie – the filmmaker offered the chance to write the film by Miramax in the early 1990s.

He didn’t take the job, but was far enough along the road to offer some ideas. He says in the book that: “it would have been if I had done it, I never got hired but it would have been my job to figure out who the guy in the boots is.”

Tarantino is referring to the Man in Black. The fifth film of the series introduced the first elements of Celtic mythology to the franchise – using a Druidic curse to explain Myers’ invulnerability and need to kill at Halloween. At the same time it introduced a mysterious trench-coated figure who saves Myers from a fiery prison but whose face is never seen.

The sixth film’s job included much more about the cult and the reveal of the identity of the figure, but it wasn’t planned out beforehand – leaving it up to the writer to come up with an explanation. Writer Daniel Farrands ultimately got the gig and included a reveal of the Man in Black’s identity towards the film’s end. Tarantino explains that his idea would’ve included that reveal sooner, saying:

“Yeah, I was like, ‘Leave that scene where [the Man in Black] shows up, alright, and freeze Michael Myers.’ And so the only thing that I had in my mind, I still hadn’t figured out who that dude was, was like the first 20 minutes would have been the Lee Van Cleef dude and Michael Myers on the highway, on the road, and they stop at coffee shops and shit and wherever Michael Myers stops, he kills everybody. So, they’re like leaving a trail of bodies on Route 66.”

Ultimately the film was a flop, putting the franchise on ice for a few years until “Halloween H20” arrived to much greater success and more recently 2018’s “Halloween” revival rendered the events of “Halloween 6” null and void.