“Slender Man” Was Gutted Before Release

Slender Man Was Gutted Before Release

It turns out “The Meg” wasn’t the only new film that got somewhat defanged and de-bloodied before it hit cinemas last Friday.

Bloody Disgusting reports that the teen horror film that opened opposite it, the creepypasta character brought to life tale “Slender Man,” was even more cut back from its original R-rating to the PG-13 its theatrical cut was. Some edits were made to make sure the film’s target audience of teenagers was able to see it.

However deep cuts came in the wake of the father of one of the children involved in a real-life violent attack surrounding the character came out against the film. As a result, the studio pulled back hard on the movie with several major scenes removed from the final cut without tidying – essentially resulting in an incomplete work.

The edits didn’t help, “Slender Man” opened in fourth place at the domestic box office this weekend with a disappointing $11 million.