Bane’s Father Coming To “Gotham”?

Banes Father Coming To Gotham

Though it will contain fewer episodes, the upcoming fifth and final season of FOX’s “Gotham” will still have time to include the father of one of Batman’s most iconic villains – Bane.

The Hashtag Show reports that the series is currently in the process of casting the character Eduardo Dorrance, a name very similar to Bane’s paternal figure Edmund Dorrance in the comics.

Dorrance will be a recurring guest star role, arriving mid-season for a three-episode run. Aged mid 30s to early 40s, he is described as: “a well-fit warrior, with a ceaseless commitment to following the orders of whoever is taking charge. And his loyalty knows no bounds, with Dorrance having zero tolerance for betrayal at any level.”

Bane himself had previously been rumored to show up in the series, though it has yet to happen. The final season kicks off in January.