Sequel Talk: Iron, Speed, Transformers

Director Jon Favreau says his small cameo in “Iron Man” as Stark’s chauffeur will be expanded on – “Well, that character returns in the Iron Man sequel and has a thing with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow’s character). I’m not joking either.”

Meanwhile Terrence Howard has gone into detail about how he thinks his character’s transformation into War Machine will happen in subsequent “Iron Man” sequels.

Christina Ricci says that “Yeah, definitely. Yes, that’s definitely the impression I got” when asked if the Wachowski Brothers were ready to do a “Speed Racer” sequel, and admits that she’d be keen to come back.

The Air Force is looking for airmen to appear as extras this summer in the “Transformers” sequel. One group will shoot early June & late July, the other will film June, late August and mid-September.