Scribe Eric Roth Talks “Dune,” “Flower Moon”

Scribe Eric Roth Talks Dune Flower Moon

Famed Oscar-winning scribe Eric Roth has worked on over two dozen films in his time from “The Insider” to “Munich,” “Forrest Gump” to “Ali”. He recently came back under the spotlight with the screenplay for Bradley Cooper’s “A Star is Born” remake.

Roth’s also been attached to both Denis Villeneuve’s new adaptation of sci-fi epic “Dune” and Martin Scorsese’s 1920s FBI investigation tale “Killers of the Flower Moon” with Roth having already completed work on the scripts of both. Said scripts are getting re-writes and polishes by both their directors and others, but all will build on Roth’s work.

Speaking with Deadline, Roth was asked what he could discuss about both films and he offered a tease of the approach both filmmakers are taking with the material:

“Dune was a real challenge; Denis Villeneuve brought me on. I had done some little bits of stuff for him for Arrival, and we really love each other personally. I turned in a really long draft, which I think was pretty cumbersome to make within the budget.

I think the ideas were great, and I think they used most of them, but that needed a good look. I think Denis has…brought in another writer to trim it out, and get back to the book in some respects, so I think it’s exciting. The approach to it’s pretty wonderful, and it could be a beautiful movie.

Killers of the Flower Moon, I think, is one of the great stories that one could tell. I think any good writer would do this justice; it’s such a powerful piece, and it’ll be Marty Scorsese basically doing a Western. I would say it would be [filming] late next summer, he’d start [shooting], early fall. I know how much [Scorsese] loves it, and I’m just sending literally this morning the last of this iteration of the script. Then, I’m sure we’ll start rewriting again.

Both films are officially in pre-production and while Leonardo DiCaprio has been attached to ‘Killers,’ there hasn’t been much movement on it. “Dune” on the other hand has been releasing key casting news every day with more roles expected to be announced imminently.