Review: “Showtime”

A surprisingly ordinary action comedy, “Showtime” starts off well as a “48 Hrs” lite clone – a satire of both generic buddy cop films and reality television, yet sadly falls into being the former all too quickly. Its a shame really as for a while the presence of the actors help lift it above the ordinary – De Niro & Murphy’s talent for comedy shines through the weak material whilst Rene Russo does a Hollywood TV producer spoof to a tea.

“Indeed during the first half there’s some quite good moments including a great sequence with William Shatner as he tries to teach the pair how to make police work more exciting on camera, and the chemistry sings not only between DeNiro and Murphy but also between De Niro and Russo.

Sadly this ends up being a lot like “Metro”, there’s a chase scene executed quite well but otherwise too much uninteresting action and a badly accented one-dimensional bad guy with big guns, worse still a lot of the last 30 minutes feels ultra rushed as if the plot was forgotten about and then picked up with only a few minutes to go. The project is a good high concept but badly scripted and should’ve been so much more. No eye popping action, no major laughs – just little twitters of each.