Review: “Rush Hour 2”

The first “Rush Hour”, whilst formulaic, proved a great fun action comedy thanks to snappy directing, a clever script and great performances. It felt like a fresh and original take on the “Lethal Weapon” style flicks, probably because no-one was expecting it to do much and so things were left to unfold for themselves.

“Rush Hour 2” on the other hand suffers from serious “sequel-itis” – a condition in which the studio knew it had a moneymaker on its hands and so proceeded to very carefully craft the sequel and give it a more ‘bigger budget/less spontaneous’ style typical of most Hollyood follow-ups.

But whereas “Lethal Weapon 2” improved on the original by including some great villains and comic banter/situations, “Rush Hour 2” just feels like a tired and diluted copy of the first RH film. Everyone goes through the usual rounds from Chan’s high flying kicks to Tucker’s sassy mouth, but all of it seems tired and done before.

Its great to see ‘Crouching Tiger’ star Ziyi again doing her whip kicks, indeed she and the dubiously intentioned Sanchez provide the sole bright spots in the very ordinary flick which includes some quite weak villains and muddled story. It isn’t until the very end that the action gets sort of exciting, but its too little too late. Its very telling when the quite hilarious outtakes during the end credits prove three times as funny as anything in the movie. A quite ordinary follow-up.