Pang Plans $240M “Deer & Cauldron” Trilogy

Pang Plans 240m Deer Cauldron Trilogy

Hong Kong filmmaker Pang Ho-cheung (“Love in a Puff,” “Isabella”) is set to both produce and direct a $240 million film trilogy based on the famed martial arts novel series “The Deer and the Cauldron”.

Pang plans to shoot three movies, back to back, with a budget of $80 million each with production to kick off in mid-2019 ahead of a 2021 release for the first film. Making Film and Bravos Pictures will handle the production with the project currently being introduced at the European Film Market.

The now seven-decade old books by Louis Cha (aka. Jin Rong) deal with the struggle of the Han Chinese supporters of the fallen Ming dynasty and their efforts to free China from the rule of the invading Manchu Qing dynasty.

Though a wuxia novel, the protagonist Wei Xiaobao has no real martial arts skills – rather he’s a charming antihero who relies on wit and cunning to get out of trouble. No actor has been cast as yet. The property has been adapted a few times before including multiple TV series called “The Duke of Mount Deer,” and the two “Royal Tramp” films by Stephen Chow.

Source: Variety