Oscars May Resurrect Popular Film Award?

Oscars May Resurrect Popular Film Award

Following a wave of backlash over the very idea of a ‘Most Popular Film’ Oscar, so much so that it looked like they’d given up on the idea, it now seems the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences may be resurrecting it.

Variety reports that according to Academy President John Bailey, speaking at the EnergaCamerimage Film Festival in Poland, the award isn’t dead and is only hibernating for now. In fact, Bailey says additional recognition for best picture or best general release is still very much on the group’s minds:

“[It] seemed like a good idea, the board approved it, announced it, but we got a lot of pushback. So the board reconsidered and tabled it – which is not to say that the idea is dead. Even after a stake was driven through its heart, there‚Äôs still interest”.

The idea for the Most Popular Film award reportedly came about as an attempt to boost the Oscar ceremony’s sagging ratings. As it looks like several popular films now have a serious shot at Best Picture nominations this year, the award seems even more redundant that when it was initially conceived.