“New Mutants” Scores Marvel’s Blessing

New Mutants Scores Marvels Blessing

For much of 2019, especially in the immediate wake of the Fox-Disney merger closing, it looked as though the long delayed “X-Men” spin-off “The New Mutants” might not even make it to cinemas at all.

Nevertheless, Disney execs reassured in interviews that the Josh Boone-directed film was going theatrical in April 2020 – two years after its original April 2018 release date and nearly three years after it was shot.

After months of no talk about it, and the dismal failure of “Dark Phoenix” not helping, illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz offered an update during an appearance on the Fatman Beyond podcast recently. He said on the episode:

“I don’t know if I’m even allowed to mention any of this, but I will say that the New Mutants film, if you’ve heard anything about it the last couple years… two days ago, I heard from Josh Boone, the director. And he sent me a new trailer. They’ve been working on it, and it is phenomenal. I got chills. It looks like, because of the whole Disney-Fox merger, takeover, whatever … it’s got the blessings of Marvel. And it feels more Marvel in terms of what they’re doing, but also the horror elements of the film are in place. It’s really, absolutely stellar, just what I’ve seen.”

Boone recently responded to a fan on social media asking about a new trailer, telling them the next preview will arrive in January. Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Blu Hunt, Henry Zaga and Alice Braga co-star in the film about a group of teenage mutants incarcerated in a medical facility that’s very much up to no good.

Source: ComicBook.com