More “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” Photos

More Zack Snyder Justice League Photos

Giving his SnyderCut supporters a Christmas gift for 2019, filmmaker Zack Snyder has released a bunch of new photos from scenes from his original unfinished version of 2017’s “Justice League”.

At the same time, he’s asked that ‘The Snyder Cut’ now go by a different name – that being “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” which is how he will refer to it from now on.

Snyder has previously shared images from his version of the film on his social media program Vero, but these recent ones seem to come from bigger scenes from the early 214-minute version of the film before Snyder departed and was replaced by Joss Whedon who heavily reshot much of it.

A push by some of the film’s stars last month to get an official announcement about “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” from the studio didn’t yield anything so the status of where that rough cut currently stands is unknown.

Source: Cinema Blend