Hooper On Political Commentary In “Cats”

Hopper On Political Commentary In Cats

Much of the discourse over cinema in the past week, when not revolving around “Star Wars,” has been people dealing with the existence of the film adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical “Cats”.

The film has been a critical and commercial bomb, but it has yielded some fascinating and hilarious commentary in reviews and think pieces. Today though, “Cats” director Tom Hooper has spoken about the film and has revealed that there’s a whole new wrinkle to the film no-one has been talking about yet.

Turns out “Cats” contains political commentary about the current state of the world. Speaking with Business Insider, Hooper says his musical adaptation deals with the need to come together and to not cast aside society’s outcasts:

“The Jellicle, in a sense, its weakness is it is tribal. It’s pushed to its margins. The fallen, the forgotten, the disgraced… I think the film at a thematic level is perhaps suggesting that we as a community are stronger when rather than dividing we reintegrate into our community the fallen, the forgotten, the disgraced. So central to the movie is a message about the importance of forgiveness… [It] is a reflection on today’s political scene. Both in the UK and the US the tribalism of cultural discourse and politics is making it harder and harder for acts of kindness across the divide.”

The comments come as one of the film’s stars, talk show host James Corden, has revealed on BBC radio that he hasn’t seen the film yet but has heard “it’s terrible”. “Cats” launched last Friday in fourth place for the weekend and by the end of Monday had earned just $12 million worldwide.