Mark Ruffalo Could Be The New Columbo?

Could The Hulk himself, actor Mark Ruffalo, be the next Columbo?

It started earlier this week with a tweet from writer Gary Whitta which said: “Woke up this morning still thinking about @MarkRuffalo as new Columbo. How is this not already a thing?”

What happened next spilled out across several social media accounts and involved comments from Ruffalo himself. Essentially “Men In Black” and “Now You See Me” screenwriter Ed Solomon approached Ruffalo about a month ago about the idea of a cinematic reboot of Peter Falk’s iconic TV detective which would star the actor.

Nothing has progressed beyond that though, aside from the public at large finding out about it and so far the reaction has been almost universally positive.

The original American detective mystery series is often considered one of the greatest small screen works of the genre. Sixty-nine episodes were ultimately produced and followed the friendly, disheveled and often underestimated LAPD homicide detective who solved cases thanks to his shrewd mind.

What was unique about the show was that, unlike every other mystery or cop drama of the period, it was never a ‘whodunit’ as right from the beginning the audience sees the crime unfold and knows the identity of the culprit. That turned the series into one far more character than plot driven, the joy coming from watching both how the criminal reacts to the investigation and how Columbo pieces together the truth.

Source: Twitter