Hulu Designing Ads For Binge Watchers

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Hulu was one of the first SVOD services to offer both a ‘with ads’ and an ‘ad-free’ option, allowing people to pay a bit extra to avoid seeing any advertisements.

Now they’re reportedly trying a new style of ad experience, for those on the lower tier, designed specifically for binge-watchers. Hulu’s new ‘binge ads’ will reward viewers watching multiple episodes of one program by offering either an ad-free episode or a personalized offer from a brand partner.

Binge-watching is classified as watching three or more episodes of a series in a given time, so once the third episode in a row is played it means the next episode will be ad-free or deliver a personalized offer. Nearly 50% of Hulu’s ad-supported viewing hours are reportedly spent during binge-watch sessions.

Said ads will use machine learning techniques to predict when a viewer has begun a marathon of a series and generates relevant ads for the viewer. Partners for this format right now include Kellogg’s, Maker’s Mark, and Georgia-Pacific.

Earlier this year Hulu launched ‘pause ads’ which appear 30 seconds after a viewer presses the pause button. Those ads are static shots and that has been better received than AT&T’s similar new plan which rolls out video ads rather than static ones.

Source: TechCrunch