“Hooch” Set & “Willow” Progressing At Disney+

Hooch Set Willow Progressing At Disney

Former “Burn Notice” creator and showrunner Matt Nix is attached to write and executive produce a “Turner & Hooch” TV series for the Disney+ streaming service. 20th Century Fox TV will produce

The project is dubbed a reimagining of the Roger Spottiswoode-directed 1989 Tom Hanks buddy comedy that pairs neat freak detective Scott Turner with a slobbery junkyard dog named Hooch as they set out to solve crime. Mare Winningham, Reginald VelJohnson, Scott Paulin, J.C. Quinn and Craig Nelson co-starred in the original which is currently on Disney+.

The announcement comes as an update has emerged on another classic 1980s film being turned into a TV series for Disney+ – Ron Howard’s fantasy epic “Willow”. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and upcoming “Indiana Jones 5” writer Jonathan Kasdan tells The Los Angeles Times he’s completed the first script for the first episode of the potential streaming series. That series is said to be a sequel rather than a remake.

Source: Variety