“Green Lantern” Series To Feature Two GLs

Green Lantern Series To Feature Two Gls

More details have been released about HBO Max’s upcoming “Green Lantern” live-action TV series which hails from “The Flash” and “Doom Patrol” producer Greg Berlanti.

Sarah Aubrey, the head of content at HBO Max, spoke at the Television Critics Association press tour today and said the series will span several decades and focus “the origin stories of two major Green Lanterns on Earth”. There will also be a space set storyline that will deal with the villainous Sinestro.

It’s unclear if the new series will impact the long-in-development “Green Lantern Corps” movie, though it’s unlikely. Which two Lanterns will be seen is also unclear, though the likeliest candidates are Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

Berlanti is also developing the DC superhero anthology series “Strange Adventures” which will feature characters from across the canon, and a “Booster Gold” adaptation for the big screen.

Source: The Wrap