“Gemini Man” To Lose Over $75 Million

Gemini Man To Lose Over 75 Million

Ang Lee’s VFX heavy action thriller “Gemini Man,” slammed by Lee’s career-worst reviews and bad box-office, reportedly faces losses of at least $75 million or more.

Thanks to its complicated effects which all had to be rendered at 4K, in 3D and at 120 frames-per-second – the resulting movie cost roughly $140 million to produce AFTER tax rebates and incentives were paid out, along with a further $100 million-plus marketing spend.

However the film opened two weekends ago to a dismal $20.5 million and closed out this past weekend with an anaemic worldwide total of $118.7 million. Hopes that China might save the film were dashed when it launched to just $21 million over the weekend.

The loss itself will be spread between Skydance Media, Paramount Pictures and China-based companies Fosun and Alibaba which will mitigate the damage somewhat.

Source: THR