First Photo: Jackson, Roundtree, Usher In “Shaft”

First Photo Jackson Roundtree Usher In Shaft

Richard Roundtree first played detective John Shaft in 1971’s most iconic of blaxploitation films “Shaft”. In 2000 Samuel L. Jackson took on the role of John Shaft II, the original character’s nephew, in a part-revival/part-sequel which boasted a thriller tone and an impressive cast including Christian Bale, Jeffrey Wright and Toni Collette.

In 2019, the pair reprise their roles in another “Shaft” which sees “Survivor’s Remorse” star Jessie T. Usher playing a cybersecurity expert and the estranged son of Jackson’s Shaft. This straitlaced FBI trained agent must team with his dad and great-uncle on a case in the new film which is said to have more of an action-comedy tone.

Speaking with EW, who posted the first photo from the film this morning, Jackson says his Shaft has: “mellowed a bit. He’s not quite as crazy and cynical. Maybe a bit more devil-may-care the last time we saw him. But still an extremely dangerous and funny character.”

Tim Story helms the new film which opens in cinemas on June 14th.