Disney+ Pulls Several Films Like “Home Alone”

Disney Pulls Several Films Like Home Alone

Less than two months after the launch of Disney+, one of the downsides of streaming has reared its ugly head – impermanence.

Collider reports that some films previously on the service, including popular holiday offerings like Fox’s “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2” along with blockbusters like “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” have been pulled with no warning or reason.

The Mouse House has sold the service on its being a comprehensive collection of its films. With the service under the control of a single studio, the issue of lapsed licensing rights and frequently changed content should be minimal and the whole ‘Disney Vault’ idea gone in favor of a permanent and always accessible collection.

That they were pulled, and more importantly removed without warning has raised eyebrows. Other services like Netflix and HBO give a press release heads up as to when things are coming and going, and Disney hasn’t held back on touting new arrivals to its service.

In November, some users discovered films had hidden expiration dates which would indicate the end of certain contracts and licensing deals, even as Disney owns all of the titles.

Different regions have different libraries available. At present the films mentioned above are all still available on the Australian Disney+ service.