Former Disney Chief On Recent “Star Wars”

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The name Michael Eisner should be familiar to anyone in the film business. After serving as CEO of Paramount Pictures from 1976 to 1984 to he then moved to Disney and served as its CEO from 1984 to 2005, seeing it through its golden period of animation.

Eisner has also been popping up on social media lately, even including a shout out to Dark Horizons for an article about the critical reviews for the recent fourth season of “The Expanse” being the best for any TV series in 2019 outside of “Fleabag” S2.

This week his tweets have spurred discussion, namely because they review Disney’s “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”. Both the film and the overall franchise have been on the receiving end of criticism over story inadequacies and an obviously rushed production without a cohesive plan. Eisner’s review wasn’t glowing, saying in a series of tweets:

“#RiseofSkywalker is an acceptable film, a lot of story and fan delights but somewhat emotionless, while #TheMandolorian on @disneyplus establishes show creator @Jon_Favreau as the new George Lucas which @RobertIger had the foresight to declare.

Daisy Ridley played Rey throughout the film with one expression: awe/fear until the very end of the film when she reveals her name. That’s what I meant by a film that somewhat lacked emotion.

In my previous comment I didn’t mean to suggest that #DaisyRidley acted poorly. On the contrary, she was excellent. The choice of attitude for Rey was intended and seems to fall on the philosophy of the character.”

Overall reviews for “The Mandalorian” were mixed-positive at first, though did improve as the season went on, and in any case are miles ahead of the reaction towards ‘Skywalker’. Eisner came immediately under fire on social media for expressing his honest thoughts which seems to be par for the course these days.

Source: Twitter