del Toro On “Justice League Dark” Plans

While Marvel’s plans for its cinematic universe have been spelled out years in advance, rival DC’s is far less clear. Beyond the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” film, there are few fairly hazy things in development and it’s unknown just how exactly they all slot together.

One of the most interesting ones though is the so-called “Justice League Dark” project which unites variou second-tier DC anti-heroes like Swamp Thing, The Demon, John Constantine, Deadman and The Spectre. Guillermo del Toro is involved in that project and spoke about it recently at the Festival di Roma:

“We’re still on it, writing, and hopefully it will happen but there are no developments that are new. it’s still at Warner Bros., they are making plans for the entire DC universe.

All the superheroes, all the mythologies, and part of that is Justice League Dark. They’re planning on TV, movies, and all the media, so we have to fit into that plan.

This would indicate there is a grander scheme in the works, it just hasn’t been talked about to any extent yet. If true though, what does it mean for other projects and their link such as The CW’s “Arrow” and Fox’s upcoming “Gotham”?

Source: CineFilos