Cruise, McQuarrie Do A Motion Smoothing PSA

Cruise Mcquarrie Do A Motion Smoothing Psa

Tom Cruise and filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie have launched a new public service announcement taking a stand against motion smoothing on TVs.

Motion smoothing is the dreaded ‘soap opera effect’ and known by various names depending on your TV’s manufacturer (TruMotion, MotionFlow, Motion Interpolation, ClearScan, Auto Motion Plus, AquoMotion, De-Judder & De-Blur). For live sport and some animation, the effect is fairly useful, but for filmed content like movies, TV series, and so forth it renders content in a way that looks anything but cinematic with the removal of natural motion blur.

The setting can most commonly be seen on screens you see in electronics stores where it is often turned on by default, on cheaper TVs where it sometimes can’t be turned off, and on TVs in less tech-savvy homes. This is why A/V experts recommend that when you buy a new TV, make sure to go into visual settings and turn every picture enhancement to ‘off’ if you can.

Cruise and McQuarrie, reunited on the set of “Top Gun: Maverick,” appear in the 90-second video meant to bring attention to the issue. The announcement is timed with the home video release of “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” which hit Blu-ray today.

Numerous filmmakers have recently sent out letters to television manufacturers through the Directors Guild of America that asks for certain settings to ensure that film quality remains top notch when customers buy sets.