“Captain Marvel” Keeps Soaring At Box-Office

Captain Marvel Set For Massive Debut

Those hoping that poor second weekend business for “Captain Marvel” would be a sign that audiences weren’t enjoying the movie – sorry but it’s time to eat some crow.

“Captain Marvel” made a further $69 million domestically this weekend, dropping 55% which is the seventh smallest drop in Marvel Studios history. That takes its domestic total to $266 million in just ten days – passing the total domestic grosses of “Doctor Strange” ($233M) & “Captain America: Winter Soldier’ ($260M) and looking set to surpass the likes of “Thor: Ragnarok” ($315M), “Iron Man” ($318M) and recent comics juggernaut “Aquaman” ($334M).

Overseas the story seems to be even better where in ten days the film has grossed $494 million outside the U.S., passing the total overseas grosses of “Wonder Woman” ($409M), “Deadpool 2” ($461M) and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” ($474M).

So far, the film has managed a worldwide total of $760 million in just two weekends – reaching profitability this weekend (the film is said have had a $150M production budget and matching advertising spend). Its global total has already surpassed a bunch of films including “Suicide Squad” ($747M), will pass “Guardians of the Galaxy” ($773M) tomorrow, and should get by “Wonder Woman” ($822M) by next weekend.

Both “Wonder Park” and “Five Feet Apart” debuted domestically and both fared fairly well with $16 million and $13 million respectively. Rupert Wyatt’s sci-fi thriller “Captive State” however bombed on impact – the film forgoing critics screenings and opening to only $3.2 million.

Also not faring well were some limited release titles with “The Mustang” doing fine with a $19,000 per-screen average, the Keira Knightley-led “The Aftermath” doing very ordinary with $11,500 per screen, and an expansion of Gaspar Noe’s “Climax” pulling just an utterly atrocious $910 per-screen average.

Source: Box-Office Mojo & The Playlist