“Batman: Arkham Legacy” Reveal At Game Awards?

Batman Arkham Legacy Reveal At Game Awards

While it was teased as a possibility to be announced at PlayStation’s State of Play event, it now looks like th hint that Warner Bros. Games Montreal dropped the other month regarding the next “Batman: Arkham” game could finally be coming to fruition.

SLCMOF (via Game Fragger) reports that the upcoming The Game Awards ceremony on December 12th will be the site of the launch of multiple game reveals.

That will include what’s being dubbed “Batman: Arkham Legacy” which is rumored to feature the Court of Owls as the villains. The source who reportedly provided the information also provided leaked images from the cancelled Damian Wayne Batman game years ago and long before those leaked online.

WB Games Montreal previously worked on “Batman: Arkham Origins” and is separate from main series developer Rocksteady Games who has been busy working on their own top-secret project which they have yet to reveal.