Announcement Trailer: “John Wick Hex” Game

Announcement Trailer John Wick Hex Game

Good Shepherd Entertainment and Lionsgate have teamed for “John Wick: Hex,” an upcoming video game which hails from Mike Bithell who created acclaimed indie puzzle platformer “Thomas Was Alone”.

‘Hex’ is a tactical role-playing strategy adventure following the titular legendary assassin of the franchise in an original story created for it. Check out the game’s first trailer below.

Both Lance Reddick and Ian McShane are reprising the roles of The Continental’s duo of Charon and Winston in the game. While Wick has been playable as a “Fortnite” and “Payday 2” skin before, this is the first project in which he will be the focus of his own game.

No release date has currently been set but it will receive both a console and a PC release exclusively through Epic Games Store.