A New “Alien” Game Announcement Soon?

A New Alien Game Announcement Soon

Numerous hints have suggested that The Game Awards on December 6th will see the announcement of a new “Alien” video game going by the title “Alien: Blackout” reports VideoGamer.

20th Century Fox recently trademarked ‘Alien: Blackout’ under the categories which include ‘game software’ and ‘on-line computer games’, Cold Iron Studios is reportedly working on a new game based on the franchise, and Game Awards host Geoff Keighley has tweeted an image with the phrase ‘Worlds Will Change’ written in the style of the Weyland-Yutani monitors from the games.

The “Alien” franchise has had a mixed history in video gaming. The two most recent titles were 2013’s “Aliens: Colonial Marines” which was famously riddled with bugs and incomplete due to a tumultuous development cycle, and “Alien: Isolation” in 2014 which scored major acclaim and was considered one of the year’s best games.

The Game Awards will stream across 40 networks on December 6th.