Writer Talks “Fast and Furious In Space” Chances

Writer Talks Fast And Furious In Space Chances

The recurring joke that seems to happen around the release of every “Fast and Furious” film is that the franchise is continuing to grow so outlandish that it will be headed to space in the future.

During the promotional junket for “Hobbs and Shaw” this past week, the franchise’s writer Chris Morgan has offered a quote to Polygon about the possibility of “Fast and Furious in Space” which has gone from being an online joke, to an impossibility, to something that might actually have a (very slim) chance.

Morgan says there are rules he won’t break when it comes to the outrageousness of the films, but a lot depends upon the emotion of the moment:

“I have one internal regulator on all this stuff. I’m a big action guy and a big action fan and I love physics too, by the way. I think the limiter for me is that we will bend to physics and never outright break it-break it. So how do you determine that?

Well, for me, while you’re watching the movie and while you’re watching the action sequence, does something happen that’s so physically impossible or absurd that it breaks faith with the audience? That you suddenly can no longer enjoy the movie and you don’t care about the characters because of that breakage.

He then went on to do discuss the ending of the sixth film and its famed ‘endless runway’ sequence which defied physics and logic but showcases how emotion and tension override that:

“[That’s] something fun to think about on the ride home. But during the moment were people thinking: do they really want to bring that plane down? Are they worried about Han, Gisele, and everybody? I think they are. That means that it’s a good candidate for a set piece. So we’re pretty strict on that. I would say nothing is off limits as long as we can stay on the right side of keeping the audience engaged. Nothing’s out of the question. Absolutely nothing. It just has to be cool and it has to be good. You know, that’s the thing.”

The ninth full “Fast and Furious” film is currently in production, while “Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw” premieres this week.