“Wonder Woman” Reshoots In Two Weeks

As is standard with most blockbusters comes word today that Patty Jenkin’s “Wonder Woman” is set to undergo reshoots in two weeks says Flickreel.

The reshoots follow on from the film’s main shoot which wrapped in May. The film’s star Gal Gadot has essentially been playing the role non-stop for over a year now – jumping from “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” into the solo “Wonder Woman” film into the “Justice League” movie which just wrapped a few weeks ago.

Now she’ll be suiting up again, only this time for a much shorter stint in the UK at Leavesden where period buildings were built for the original production and hadn’t been removed which suggests this extra filming was planned a while back.

Several major film reshoots have made headlines this year from “Suicide Squad” which underwent severe tonal changes, to “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” which was rumored to have been extensively reshot.

There’s no signs of any extensive do-over here, though the report hasn’t confirmed how significant they will be or who will participate. The news comes just a few days after Warner Bros. and DC Films debuted the new full length trailer which has received an excellent reaction online.

“Wonder Woman” opens in cinemas in June next year.