What Would Get You Back To Cinemas?

Judging by the box-office numbers, you wouldn’t think cinemas are having many issues. The final number for the 2017 North American box office haul is expected to be $11.1 billion, down by about 2.5% from last year’s record-setting $11.38 billion. That still makes it only the third time that the industry has passed the $11 billion mark.

What has changed this year is that the idea of ‘seasonal windows’ look to be long gone as the massive success of films like “IT,” “Get Out” and “Split” in normally quiet windows shows that people will turn up anytime of year if you give them a film they want to see.

The number of films getting them out of the house though is dwindling as the box-office is being funnelled more and more to the big event films, with many waiting for the rest to show up on streaming. Bloomberg has done a new podcast talking about the changing nature of film exhibition.

However it’s the headline asking “what would it take to get you back to a movie theater” that has gone somewhat viral, the story link popping up on social media platforms with plenty weighing in on how they think exhibitors can get people back. The two most common requests? Cheaper tickets and better presentation. How about you, what would it take to get you out to the cinema more often? Feel free to have your say in the comments below.