“Suicide Squad” Is Getting An Extended Cut

So much for David Ayer’s denials. The filmmaker seemed to make it quite clear during promotional rounds for the “Suicide Squad” film that, despite evidence suggesting a bunch of serious cuts were made to the film, we wouldn’t be getting a director’s cut of the movie when it comes to home video.

Technically that’s true as today Warner Bros. Pictures has revealed the trailer for an ‘Extended Cut’ of “Suicide Squad,” the clip featuring scenes not seen in the theatrical. The Extended Cut will first come to Digital HD on November 15th and will be followed by a Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray, DVD and VOD release on December 13th.

This new version of the film is said to contain thirteen more minutes of footage not previously seen in theaters – bumping up the total runtime to 136 minutes. How many other changes or edits have been made is unclear, but the theatrical version of the film will be included in all sets as well.

“Suicide Squad” has made over $739 million dollars at the worldwide box office from a $175 million budget. Check out the trailer for the extended cut below: