“Solo” Inspired By Mann’s “Heat” & “Thief”

Filmmakers often look to other movies for inspiration in their work and so will make comparisons to other films in their various press interviews.

Recently the “Avengers: Infinity War” scribes compared that Marvel film to “Nashville” from Robert Altman, now one of the “Solo: A Star Wars Story” writers has suggested the Han Solo origin story takes many of its cues from two of Michael Mann’s best works.

Jonathan Kasdan tells Empire: “Part of the challenge is to come up with new, inventive kinds of action we haven’t seen in ‘Star Wars’. We often referenced ‘Heat’ and ‘Thief’ as high-end criminals doing serious jobs that involve huns and big hijackings.”

The quote comes from an article which includes two new photos included below, one of which shows off Paul Bettany’s mysterious villain Dryden Vos. The role was originally set to be played by Michael K. Williams as a half-human/half-lion creature.