Public Still Wary Of Movie Subscriptions

Public Still Wary Of Movie Subscriptions

So has all the fuss about MoviePass, Sinemia, AMC Stubs A-List and the other movie ticketing subscription services, ones which offer select free cinema tickets for a monthly fee, actually had much impact on the industry as a whole? Turns out no.

A new THR/Morning Consult poll survey of over 2,200 U.S. adults last week has found that the vast majority of consumers remain sceptical or uncertain of movie ticket subscription services with only 6% of responders saying they are certain or very likely to sign up for a monthly plan. A further 23% say they could go either way, 32% say it’s not likely, and 29% say they have no interest. In short, casual moviegoers don’t care.

Wall Street analyst Eric Handler says: “They are for people who are their most loyal customers. It’s a value-added option for people that want to go to the movies a couple a times a month. They’re not meant for the person who maybe goes four times a year. For those people, a monthly service probably isn’t the best idea.”

So what would get people on the fence to sign up? 46% say concession discounts, 22% say the rolling over of unused tickets, 19% say flexible plans and cinema choices, and 15% say it depends on the number of plans included. Most interesting is that price of a plan isn’t a huge issue as responders are more interested in the quality of the deal on offer. However, the ideal price point of unlimited movies per month was reportedly $24.

Of the responders, 14% never go to cinemas, 54% go less than once a month, 19% go once a month, and 4% go once a week or more.

Source: THR