Mangold Planning A B&W Version Of “Logan”

“Logan” director James Mangold has indicated that he’s working on potentially releasing a black and white version of the film.

Whether that’s a theatrical run, or only a disc release ala “Mad Max Fury Road: Black & Chrome Edition,” isn’t clear. Mangold teased such a possibility throughout the film’s pre-release campaign with a series of stunning black and white photos throughout the film’s shoot.

The film is slated to open this weekend around much of the world with a global haul of $170 million being estimated by the end of Sunday, $65 million of that from the United States alone.

The film currently sits on a superb 93% (8.1/10) on Rotten Tomatoes and a still good 75/100 on Metacritic – making it not just the best scoring “X-Men” film to date but one of the best comic book films of all time.